Chinese Zodiac

Start by finding your Chinese Zodiac Animal .

Generally speaking,2014 is the Year of the horse. (Jan.31 2014 Feb.19 2015) , Year of Horse.

find more about Horse animal sign

Chinese Zodiac, known in China as the Shēngxiào ,is a scheme that relates each year to an animal and its reputed attributes, according to a 12year cycle.

The twelve years of the Chinese zodiac cycle are each named after a different animal. 2013 is the Year of the Snake, according to the numbering of the traditionalChinese lunar calendar.

The Year of the Snake ends on February 10, 2014, The year of a person’s birth corresponds to one of the twelve Animals Years of the Chinese zodiac. When Chinese people talk about birthdays, they generally ask each other what their Animal Year is, rather than when they were born.

In Chinese astrology the animal signs assigned by year represent what others perceive you as being or how you present yourself.

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